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Post-lease laptops, used

Refurbished off lease laptops - reliable and cheap.

Notebooks offered in this category are post-lease, used laptops. After the leasing period, these laptops undergo a comprehensive inspection and are thoroughly tested so that when they are handed over for re-sale, they work in the same way as on the first day after production. Post-lease computers and laptops, just like new ones, are sold with a warranty of one to three years. Our offer includes only the best models in terms of performance and reliability from leading brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu Siemens or Toshiba . For the most demanding customers, we also offer post-exhibition laptops, not used, which are like new.

We have been selling refurbished post-lease laptops for over 20 years.

For over 20 years, we have been offering high-quality, branded, used computer equipment with a warranty, which is very suitable for home use as well as for companies, i.e. offices. If you are looking for inexpensive but efficient and reliable equipment, we encourage you to browse the offer of post-lease laptops (used laptops) or post-exhibition laptops (ex-demo). We encourage you to visit our website regularly. The best cheap laptop deals generally sell quickly, but the store is updated daily!

Cheap post-leasing laptops - advantages and disadvantages.

Like any product, leased laptops also have their advantages and disadvantages. It's good to know about them before purchasing. The most important thing, however, is that there are many more advantages, which is why used post-lease laptops are eagerly chosen by both companies and individual customers.

Quality - business laptops are reliable.

Post-leasing equipment is mainly durable and efficient business series, much better made than low-budget laptops intended for supermarkets. When it comes to a product intended for business, quality is the most important thing. Unfortunately, when it comes to laptops manufactured for supermarkets, the most important thing is the price, which has a negative impact on the quality. Before purchasing, it is worth paying attention to what materials the laptop is made of. This will have a key impact on its service life. A very important advantage of high-end business series of leased laptops is that they are made of the highest quality materials and components. This applies to both the casing, usually made of magnesium, aluminum and titanium alloys, through solidly made elements such as hinges, to the components from which the motherboard, which is the most important base part of every laptop, is made.

Price - post-lease laptops are much cheaper.

Compared to the prices of new notebooks, used laptops are of course cheaper. Generally, it is at least 50% cheaper for equipment in perfect condition. Laptops that have minimal traces of use are even cheaper - the price then drops by up to 70 - 80% compared to the purchase price of a new laptop. Taking into account the high quality of post-lease equipment, the price is generally of key importance, significantly increasing the attractiveness of the offer. In the vast majority of cases, the prices of new laptops from the highest business series are high, so repurchase after leasing is a good opportunity to save a lot of money, especially in larger quantities when it comes to equipping an entire classroom or training room.

Working speed - fortunately, time has virtually no impact on the laptop's speed and it can be safely assumed that the laptop works just as fast after the leasing period as on the first day after purchase. The processor speed does not change, and the memory or disk size remains unchanged. However, the general condition of the laptop is important - the equipment cannot show excessive traces of use or be damaged, of course.

Off lease, i.e. used.

As the name suggests, laptops are post-lease, i.e. after the leasing period. This means that they are used, not new, and this is a feature that may not appeal to everyone. Although the equipment is tested and is as functional as new and comes with a warranty, it should be borne in mind that these are used laptops and traces of use should be taken into account.

Battery life - the battery is an element of the laptop that loses its lifespan over time. Therefore, it is to be expected that the battery life of a used laptop may be shorter than that of a new one. This is, of course, a replaceable element and the battery can be replaced with a new one at any time. Both cheap substitutes and originals are available on the market.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is the difference between post-lease laptops and new laptops available in stores?
    Post-lease laptops are used equipment that comes from leasing, while new laptops purchased in stores have never been used before. Post-lease laptops generally come from high-quality business series and are cheaper compared to new ones.

  2. What are the main advantages of purchasing a post-lease laptop?
    The main advantages are a lower price compared to new laptops, high quality of workmanship, durability and reliability of the equipment, especially in the case of business series.

  3. Are post-lease laptops as efficient as new ones?
    Yes, the laptop works just as fast after the leasing period as on the first day after purchase. The processor speed does not change, and the memory or disk size also remains unchanged.

  4. Do post-lease laptops have a warranty?
    Yes, even though they are used, post-lease laptops are tested and offered with a warranty.

  5. What are the main disadvantages of buying a post-lease laptop?
    The main disadvantages are that these are used laptops with potential traces of use and potentially shorter battery life compared to new laptops.

  6. Can the battery be replaced in a post-lease laptop?
    Yes, the battery in a post-lease laptop is a replaceable element and can be replaced with either an original battery or a cheaper replacement.

  7. Where do post-leasing laptops come from?
    Post-lease, i.e. after the leasing period, i.e. they were used by companies under a leasing agreement.

  8. Are post-lease laptops suitable for companies?
    Yes, due to high quality and durability, post-lease laptops are often chosen by companies.

  9. Why is post-leasing equipment most often from the business series?
    Business series laptops are manufactured with quality and durability in mind, which is crucial for businesses. Therefore, after the end of the leasing period, they are still in very good condition and suitable for re-use.

  10. Are post-lease laptops more ecological?
    Yes, because purchasing used equipment helps reduce electronic waste and resource use. Purchasing a post-lease laptop is a form of recycling, which is beneficial for the environment.