Docking stations

Docking stations ready for anything

A docking station is one of those devices that is greatly underestimated in the IT world. The great potential of this equipment is most often noticed by company employees who perform some of their duties away from their desks. So what is the role of an IBM docking station or a Dell docking station (because these two brands rule supreme when it comes to business laptops)? This neat notebook computer pad has various types of inputs found in laptops and notebooks (e.g. USB, power, headphones, VGA, PS, LPT, COM, some models also have a built-in DVD drive, which is becoming less and less common, especially in ultrabooks). All peripheral cables connect to the docking station, not directly to the laptop. Thanks to a special connector located on the "floor" of the computer, the laptop docking station connects the device to other devices connected to the station. In this way, the user gets rid of the troublesome obligation to unplug all the cables every time he needs to take his portable computer to another place. Used docking stations also keep your desk tidy, allowing you to tame the tangle of cables and plugs. When deciding to buy a computer, it is definitely worth considering whether the model under consideration is a laptop with a docking station. Business models usually have this compatibility, e.g. the ThinkPad series.