Refurbished off lease LCD and LED monitors - cheap used monitors from renowned manufacturers DELL, HP, Eizo, Nec, Samsung, LG. Purchasing a high-quality company monitor is an investment in our eyes and significantly greater work comfort and less fatigue. It is worth considering buying a used monitor with a professional matrix instead of a new one on sale, because our health and eyes are worth much more! We offer post-lease monitors with a full warranty for a period from one to even 3 years. Matrices used in monitors intended for professional work are characterized by better color reproduction, much longer working time and do not tire the eyes as much as cheap market products that are supposed to attract attention on the shelf mainly due to high contrast. Choosing a post-leasing monitor will allow you to combine a low price and high product quality.

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Cheap used monitors

The purchase of a monitor is often treated as an addition to the investment in a stationary unit. Many people who have a limited budget decide to spend more money on a computer, while giving up a better screen. There is a solution where you don't have to limit yourself to a compromised choice. By choosing a used monitor, you can be sure that your eyes will see the best view without having to strain your wallet. Apart from price and diagonal size, what should you consider when choosing cheap monitors? The secret of a good monitor lies in the matrix. Currently, IPS and PVA matrices are leading on the market. Both types reproduce colors faithfully. IPS has an additional advantage in the form of wide viewing angles (no matter where you sit, you see the same image), which should convince fans of home movies. In addition, IPS offers a wide range of calibrations, which in turn allows you to adjust the monitor's capabilities to the user's needs. If you are looking for a screen for office work, it is worth checking post-lease monitors with a TN matrix. It has a simplified color range, but uses special filters that allow you to better protect your eyes while working at a desk for many hours. Check out cheap used monitors from renowned manufacturers such as HP, DELL, NEC, Samsung or Philips, and see that the perfect vision is at your fingertips.