Your Discounts

We care about our customers, so as a registered user, with subsequent orders you will automatically be granted a larger discount, and after logging in to the store, your prices will be lower! The amount of the discount is based on the value of orders placed. If you are our regular customer, you can count on a larger discount and lower prices. If you are not our customer yet register.

Discount thresholds:

from 0.00  up to PLN 1,000.00  0.00%
from PLN 1,000.00  up to PLN 2,000.00  1.00%
from PLN 2,000.00  up to PLN 3,000.00  2.00%
from PLN 3,000.00  up to PLN 5,000.00  3.00%
from PLN 5,000.00  up to PLN 7,000.00  4.00%
from PLN 7,000.00  up to PLN 10,000.00  5.00%
from PLN 10,000.00  up to PLN 10,000,000.00  6.00%


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