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Computer in installments...

You don't have to have cash! Each of us wants to live life to the fullest, fulfill our dreams and the dreams of our loved ones, and meet our basic needs quickly, easily and inexpensively. The Santander Consumer Bank S.A. Installment System has been helping with this for over 15 years.

For each product, you can easily turn on the installment calculator and check the amount of the monthly installment depending on the period over which the repayment period is to be spread. You can choose the number of months yourself so that the installment amount is the most appropriate.

Online installments- it's a simple way to finance the purchase of goods and services on attractive terms. We guarantee: - competitive interest rates - minimum formalities and a quick decision to grant a loan, - we lend up to 100% of the purchase value, - we offer any loan period up to 24 months, - we enable early repayment of the loan, - we provide comprehensive service at the point of sale, - we make it possible to obtain the goods no first deposit.

How to order a computer or laptop in installments?

If we have already selected computer or laptop which one we are interested in, click Buy now and place the order. When completing the order, after providing contact details and place of delivery, we can choose payment options: cash, transfer and Instalments. This is the place where we decide on the payment method, i.e. whether the purchase will be in installments. The order must be completed by completing all necessary fields. A bank employee will contact you to confirm the order. The courier will then provide you with an installment agreement to sign. After signing the contract, we send the ordered equipment, also by courier, to the address you specify in the order.

SUMMARY - Installments are settled via the Online Store, and the courier delivers the contract and the ordered equipment to your door. All without leaving your home, just open the door and collect the parcel.



Instalments - how to buy a computer on installment ?

Check the conditions and find out who can buy in installments.