Computers for schools 0% TAX

Computers for schools  0% VAT. Windows and Office for schools cheaper!

We supply schools with computer equipmentat a rate of 0% VAT.

We have references from the implementation of computer laboratories throughout the country. We provide free advice and assistance in selecting the cheapest and best offer, and we also help you select the parameters of computer equipment to meet your needs. The TANIEKOMPUTERY.PL store is a reliable partner with an established position on the market. Over 20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. - schools 0% VAT


We invite schools for COMPUTERS without VAT!

Rules for purchasing computers at 0% VAT:

Pursuant to the "Goods and Services Tax Act" of March 11, 2004 (Article 83(1)(26)), a tax rate of 0% applies to the supply of computer equipment:
- for educational institutions (schools, public and private kindergartens, universities and care and educational facilities),
- for humanitarian, charitable or educational organizations for further free transfer to educational institutions.
The following goods are subject to 0% tax:
- computer central units, servers, monitors, desktop computer sets, printers, scanners,
- computer devices for Braille
- digital data transmission devices (including network hubs and switches, routers and modems).

To benefit from VAT exemption, please complete the order below:

DOWNLOAD: 0% VAT order - TEMPLATE .pdf  

Schools without VAT in tanikomputery

Ahead of your most frequently asked questions, we answer them:

- Can laptopsalso be purchased without VAT?
We answer: Unfortunately, in accordance with the Act, laptops (as well as other portable computers, whatever they are called, e.g. notebooks, netbooks, tablets, etc.)are not subject to the 0% VAT rate . Laptops are sold only at gross prices including 23% VAT.

You also often ask:

- Does the 0% VAT rate also cover used and post-lease computers, or only new computers?
We answer: There is no difference. We can offer you both post-lease, used and new computers at a rate of 0% VAT. Welcome!


Software for schools - CHEAPER!

Microsoft Partner Network

 Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller  


From us you can buy the original Windows system and the MS Office office suite at a lower price for schools.

Windows 10 Professional - from PLN 55 / pc
MS Office Standard package - from PLN 239 / pc

The store is an authorized partner of Microsoft in the field of solutions for education (Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller). This means, first of all, lower prices, but also a guarantee of software originality and professional advice. Systems installed on computers supplied by us have a hidden Recovery partition, from which the classroom supervisor can install the system and drivers in a fully automatic manner at any time without the use of additional media. Restoring the computer station to the condition in which it was purchased is therefore very simple and does not require the use of IT knowledge or any additional tools.

G-Data Authorized Reseller

Schools can also count on special prices for antivirus software. When purchasing computer equipment (computers or laptops), we offer preferential prices for schools. Original, legal antivirus license from PLN 3 per computer per year!

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